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Dr. Rebecca Heins Psy. D.
Dr. Rebecca Heins Psy. D.

Hello, I’m Dr. Rebecca Heins.

Welcome to my practice. I am a licensed clinical psychologist serving all CA residents via telehealth for your convenience. I firmly believe in the resilience within us and the ways that strength grows through hardship that, in turn, allows us to manifest the things we want in life. Through my integration of evidence-based practices and an insight-oriented approach, I treat the whole person from a compassionate and person-centered lens. Life is certainly not easy and can feel relentlessly unbearable at times. If you are struggling to find your way in this demanding world, you are not alone. We will walk the path together.

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We will walk the path together.


Expanding perspective and awareness, building self-confidence and connection.

One on one, weekly sessions utilizing a safe, HIPAA-compliant platform.

For partnered individuals in need of weekly or biweekly sessions.

Providing consultative services to other medical and mental health professionals, educational services to companies and organizations, including the television and film industry. 

With a depth and breadth of expertise.

Helping with a range of experiences.

The depth and breadth of my training enables me to see a diverse population of adults struggling with a range of difficulties, from depression and anxiety, to grief and navigating life transitions. At the same time, my professional and personal life experiences have given me invaluable expertise in three specific areas.

The misdiagnosed, undiagnosed, mysterious or identified excruciating pain that never seems to let up. Together we navigate a different way, learning to cope and live a life worth living.

Not only does unresolved trauma keep us stuck in the fear and terror of the past, it can keep us avoiding the very things that can help us heal and move forward. I can help you pick up the pieces of your past, work through the deep wounds of trauma, and shift out of a vicious cycle to a life of freedom, wisdom, and strength.

When your solution is not working anymore, it is time to look at what is driving the addiction. Deciding to treat the root of the issue takes courage and together we will forge the path to recovery.

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